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LEDT8 tube is alternative to T8 fluorescent lamps, for existing lighting installations with regular T8 fluorescent lamps. No changes to the luminaires are required, just easily replace them with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lamps. The next generation with long life, low energy consumption and no mercury.

- LEDT8 tube has a unique high efficiency heat sink design and an aluminum alloy round shape clear or frosted lens reduce glare optics.
- LED tube alternative to classic T8/T12 fluorescent lamps replacement, simple re-wire, replacement allows for quick installation. 
- Lamp base : Single Pin (FA8), 
- Beam angle : 140°
- Use for indoor.

- 5000K standard.
- 38W LED
- Color rendering index : > 80 CRI
- Low maintenance requirements, life of up to 50,000 hours.. 

- Input voltage: 100-277Vac, 50/60Hz
- Power factor : > 0.9
- Double end powered, with internal LED driver. 

- Remove the existing fluorescent lamp.
- Remove / disconnect the existing T8 or T12 ballast.
- Install the new LED Tube.

- UL Listed. 
- RoHS compliant.
- 5 years limited warranty.