11” square housings with horizontally mounted compact fluorescent down light.  High quality prismatic, fresnel drop opal or albalite diffusion glass trims.  Ideal for outdoor damp environments and covered ceiling mount wet location.  


- Compact fluorescent square housing for horizontally mounted dual lamp with integral ballast.
- Semi-specular anodized aluminum reflector. Die-cast aluminum door frame with gasket heavy duty white regressed door frame. 
- Galvanized steel plaster frame: Architectural quality galvanized steel ring riveted to elevated steel junction box tray. 
- Non-insulated ceilings or where insulation can be kept 3” from all side of housing.
- Socket: Horizontally one or two 4-pin     thermoplastic socket. 
- Mounting: Bar hanger knockouts allow fixture to affix to T-bar grid or captive nails bar     hangers into wood or steel joist members.

- Galvanized steel junction box is listed for through branch circuit wiring and has five 1/2” and two 3/4 knockouts and four romex pry-out slots.
- Ground wire provided on J-box and quick connectors are supplied. Romex knockouts include built-in strain relief and require no additional clamps.

- Pre-installed adjustable bar hangers for span 24”. No clips required. 
- Secure bar hanger to T-bars with wires or screws.
- Integral captive nails included for fast and easy installation.

- 13-42W electronic 4-pin quad / triple available in 1 or 2 lamp configurations. Lamp ordered separately.

- High power factor electronic ballast for T4 lamps are sound rate A, class P,  programmed start, minimum ambient starting temperature 0°F (-18°C), <10% THD and operating a line voltage from 120V to 277V comes as standard. 
- Emergency back-up 90 minute, 650 Lumen battery and dimming ballast options are available.

- UL/CUL listed for damp locations, suitable for wet locations, covered ceiling mount only.
- Minimum 75°C supply conductors.
- CSA certified.

- Lenses - Available in fresnel and tempered prismatic lens. 
- White die-cast aluminum trim ring is standard.
- Option - Fully gasket wet location trim.