4” Vertical architectural frame-in is design for high quality application with lens and adjustable trims.  The architectural configuration is ideal for suspended ceiling or T-bar grid installation.  

- Compact fluorescent housing for one vertically mounted fluorescent lamp with integral ballast.
- Galvanized steel plaster frame: Architectural quality galvanized steel ring riveted to elevated steel junction box tray.
- Housing can be removed from plaster frame for junction box access.
- Architectural frame-in requires minimum clearances of 3” from thermal insulation and 1/2” from adjacent building components.
- Lamp adjustment: Reflectors have adjustment slots for optimal light distribution and control.
- Ceiling thickness: Accepts 3/4” Max. ceiling thickness. 
- Socket cup: Extruded aluminum socket cup, adjustable socket complete with positive latch, one 4-pin thermoplastic socket. 
- Mounting: Plaster ring has two universal mounting brackets that adjust 3-1/8” vertically from above or below the ceiling. 

- Junction box is listed for through branch circuit wiring and has five 1/2” and two 3/4 knockouts and four romex pry-out slots.
- Ground wire provided on J-box and quick connectors are supplied on all leads. 
- Romex knockouts include built-in strain relief and require no additional clamps.

- Universal brackets accept C-channel or flat bar hangers (order separately) or simple 1/2” EMT conduit for tie-down to ceiling grids.

- One 13-26W electronic 4-pin quad ordered separately.
- One 13-32W electronic 4-pin triple tube (TRT) ordered separately. (Lamp ratings based on trim selected)

- High power factor electronic ballast for T4 lamps is sound rate A, class P,  programmed start, minimum ambient starting temperature 0°F (-18°C), <10% THD and operating a line voltage from 120V to 277V comes as standard. 
- Emergency back-up 90 minute, 650 Lumen battery and dimming ballast options are available.

- UL/CUL listed for damp locations.
- Minimum 75°C supply conductors.
- CSA certified.

- Please refer to trim pages 116 fpr further details.