- Photoluminescent unframed plastic exit sign.
- Non-toxic, non-radioactive, and recyclable plastic.
- 50 feet viewing distance.
- Yellowish plastic backing panel with choice of green or red letter.
- Single or double sided.
- Two self-adhesive chevron stickers are included in case the directional chevron(s) is required.
- Need at least 5 foot candle of fluorescent illumination on the face of the sign at all times.
- This exit sign is neither self-luminous nor electroluminescent.

- Four holes (3/16” diameter) on the corners for flat wall mount.
- Optional: two pieces of L-shaped mounting clips (screws not included) to hang on the ceiling.

- UL924 listed.
- IBC and IFC codes compliant.
- OSHA and NFPA 101-Life Safety Code compliant.
- Listed for high-location and floor-proximity installation and impact resistant.