The LED sports light is designed for sports and entertainment venues such as arena, gymnasium, square plaza, airport, high mast, port, spot light, contour lighting, and etc.

- Standard with 6.56ft cord (2m).
- Shield is provided but optional - delivers volumetric lighting and reduces glare, and can be used for decoration.  
- Seemless link of aerometal materials and numorous vents on heat sink enhances heat management, keeps aways from all field heat, and ensures the stability of light system.
- All parts are individual, rugged and strong which ensures durability of led chip. 
- Ultra-low EMI noise generation eliminates electrical interference.
- Designed with seamless combination of advance free forms optics and structure for maximizing light transmittance.  
- EPA rating: 1.37ft² for 500W and below, and 2.021ft² for 600W and above.

- Adjustable yoke mount (std.), beam angle up to 240º.
- Slip Fitter (SF) or 3D rotation (RT) is optional.

- For 500W and below : 30º, 45º, 80º, 120º
- For 600W and above: 15º, 20º, 25º, 40º

- L70>111,000 hours.
- Philips LED for 500W and below, and Osram LED for 600W and above.
- Color Temperature: 2700/3000/4000/5000/5700/6500K (5000K Std.)
- Color Rendering Index: >80 for 500W and below, and >70 for 600W and above.

- 1-10V dimming is standard.
- Operating temperature: -40ºF (-40ºC) ~ 194ºF (90ºC)
- Power factor: 0.95
- THD <15%
- 10Kv surge protection with waterproof connector.
- UL8750 listed.
- Optional: Zigbee Gateway & Zigbee 2.4G 0-10V Controller.

- ETL / CE listed.
- FCC listed.
- SAA listed.
- IP66 rated.
- 5 years limited warranty
- 7 years limited warranty. (optional)